Race Day: Sunday, April 26, 2015

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I have run every Glass City half with the exception of last year (ran the tough mudder the day before). I am so very impressed by your event! I have run six marathons (Chicago x2, Detroit x3, Cincinnati, and Columbus) and many other great races. The way you run your event rivals larger markets. I am so proud to be a participant in the Glass City Half!
Here are some of the things I enjoy:
-Expo (though crammed) is well populated with fun vendors and great stuff
-Kids Run is first class and accessible for families with small kids (my kids wear the "medal" for days!)
-Shirt and Medal are great quality
-Starting line is well managed and good energy!
-Race course is awesome...love the changes. The hills at the end were a good challenge =) Love running into the bell tower at end
-Finish line in the glass bowl is just awesome! Good photos at the end, great energy.
-Runner food at the finish....WOW! Ginos was awesome touch. 
-Loved the App
It is obvious that you care about excellence and a great experience for runners of all stages. I have encouraged people for years to run at CedarCreek at whatever pace just to get active. In 2005 we took over 200 runners up to Detroit - and many of them have since become great runners!  So, I am thrilled to see the growth of this awesome event...by your hard work!
Thank you!

— BS

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