Race Day: Sunday, April 26, 2015

Race Info

Tom Chaney

Tom_profile_pic.jpgHometown: Plymouth, MI

First Marathon: Marine Corps Marathon 2007

When Tom Chaney turned 40 years old he told his wife, “Well, I guess I’ll never run a marathon.” It was something that he always wanted to do, but as the wonders of life, and children filled his days, it seemed that the marathon would never be crossed off his bucket list!

Tom Chaney is now 49 (he will be 50 when he runs Glass City in April) and has since run 13 marathons, qualified for Boston twice, and completed 5 Ironman triathlons. What happened? Inspiration! When Tom’s employer hired Jim Dawson as a quality manager, Tom was excited to hear that Jim had completed an Ironman triathlon, and was soon headed to Boston to run the marathon. Tom mentioned to Jim that he had thoughts of running a marathon someday to which Jim quickly replied, “You could do it!”

That was all Tom needed, inspiration from a seasoned endurance athlete. Tom is living proof that you are never too old to start and hopes to encourage others, like Jim did him.

Tom is happily married to Susan, and has two children, Jordan 20 (daughter), and Jack 17. They enjoy traveling, and very often volunteer for races all around the country. For 2014 he looks forward to his ambassadorship with Glass City, and competing in the inaugural Ironman Boulder along with his son, Jack.